DRUNK ELEPHANT BRONZING DROPS REVIEW. An authentic sun source in a bottle, without the collateral damage. D-Bronzi not only defends against pollution and environmental stressors but also imparts a radiant tan that illuminates your skin. d-bronzi drunk elephant.

It’s an anti-aging serum

✔ Suitable for all skin types, whether normal, combination, dry, oily, or sensitive.


Fine lines and wrinkles. Skin discoloration.

What it provides:

The sunny glow of D-Bronzi complements all skin tones, offering a simple way to achieve a summery radiance without long-term consequences.


It does not contain: Parabens. Phthalates. Sulfates.

Active Ingredients:

1 – Cocoa Extract: Rich in phytochemicals, it provides antioxidant benefits and soothing properties.

2 – Platinum Peptides: Contribute to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting skin elasticity.

3 – Chronocyclin: Mimics the antioxidant effects of Vitamin D, revealing visibly younger-looking skin.

How to use Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops?

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT: I have been using D-Bronzi for over three months and am delighted with the results. It gives my skin a natural and healthy glow, which is perfect even for oily skin. Despite its price, I consider it worth every penny, as I also use it as a light makeup base.

It’s important to apply with caution to avoid excess product; just one drop is sufficient. In my experience, this product is exceptional, providing a natural and radiant look to the skin, and its pigmentation is impressive with a minimal amount of product. My next purchase will undoubtedly include the blush. I am completely in love!

DRUNK ELEPHANT BRONZING DROPS REVIEW PRICE: They are from the SEPHORA brand and have an approximate cost of $1,509.99. This may vary depending on the store where you buy it, but this is an approximate value. d-bronzi drunk elephant

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