My Experience Trying Kuul Copper Tones Hair Dye. My experience with Kuul hair dye, specifically in the shade 7.64 Red Copper Blonde, was disappointing and unsatisfactory.

Although I had previously tried products from this brand without success, I decided to give it another chance due to the positive promotion I had heard about them. Unfortunately, my experience with this dye did not meet my expectations.

At first glance, the color in the range looked promising and seemingly clear under certain lighting conditions.

However, from the moment I began mixing it, I noticed the tone darkening, acquiring purple hues instead of the expected copper tones. Despite this, I chose to trust the process and continued applying the dye.

One of the first warning signs was the itching and burning sensation on my scalp, something I had never experienced with brands like Anven or Colortech.

Despite this discomfort, I decided to continue with the recommended exposure time, only to discover that my hair had darkened even more than anticipated.

My Experience Trying Kuul Copper Tones Hair Dye

It is important to note that my hair, at that time, was bleached and light, with only two centimeters of natural root.

The end result was not as desired; instead of the expected copper tone, my hair took on a darker, wine-like shade, with very little or no visible red undertones.

Unfortunately, this color did not fade easily and took about a week to slightly lighten, revealing some coppery highlights.

In summary, my experience with Kuul dye was unsatisfactory in terms of color outcome, comfort during application, and durability.

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