Revitalizing my Hair with Hyalusilk Hyaluronic Acid Treatment. I tried the Hyaluronic Acid ampoules, a kit that contains 12 ampoules of 15 ml each for an Extra Intensive Hydration. The treatment is intensive, and since I already tried the mask and the biphasic, I couldn’t resist improving my hair with the ampoules.


Experiencing an Extra Intensive Hydration that has transformed my hair, thanks to Hyalusilk Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Ampoules. This intramolecular bioactive hyaluronic acid concentrate revitalizes and strengthens my hair instantly, providing a luminosity enhancer. Hyalusilk’s unique formula balances lipids, moisturizers, and proteins to maintain healthy and radiant hair.

How to use Hyalusilk Ampoule?

Pour a tablespoon of room temperature water into a small container. Add half of the ampoule’s content as «FIRST APPLICATION» and save the rest for «SECOND APPLICATION» after 24 hours. Mix until obtaining a homogeneous cream and apply it all over the hair, leaving it on for 10 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water and comb as usual.

Revitalizing my Hair with Hyalusilk Hyaluronic Acid

To obtain the maximum benefits, it is recommended to perform two applications with a 24-hour interval. The amount of product to use depends on the length and density of the hair.

Cost and Duration: With an approximate cost of 190.00 MXN, each box of Hyalusilk contains 12 ampoules of 15 milliliters, offering a complete treatment to restore the health and shine of your hair.

How long should an ampoule be left on the hair?

Just leave the treatment on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

What is the price of Hyalusilk?

The approximate price is 190.00 MXN, offering an affordable and effective treatment for your hair.

Discover the transformation that Hyalusilk can bring to your hair and experience an intensive hydration like never before!

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