Eternal Secret Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream 40+ with SPF 15 contains 50 grams. You can find it at similar pharmacies.

Does Eternal Secret cream work?

This Eternal Secret anti-wrinkle facial cream is for skin that already has wrinkles, but I consider that young skin can also use it to prevent or eliminate early expression lines, which we can remember can occur due to poor skin care.

Exposure of the face to sunlight causes premature aging, stress, and pollution, and Collagen is what helps the skin maintain the firmness and elasticity it needs.

If you don’t find Collagen in the cream, you will find an ingredient that helps to naturally form it in the skin, improving the external firmness of the skin.

The cream doesn’t have much scent; the aroma is almost imperceptible.

The cream takes a while to absorb into the skin.

It leaves the area where it was applied somewhat white, but it’s not very noticeable.

Eternal Secret cream for wrinkles doesn’t cause any skin reactions.

Eternal Secret moisturizing cream leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

To see results, you should use it for at least a month.

crema eternal secret funciona?

Eternal Secret Anti-Wrinkle Cream 40+ Reviews

As I mentioned, I’m not over 40, but I do suffer from the inconveniences of stress, pollution, and the sun. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful skin?

Obviously, it won’t completely correct deeply marked expression lines, but they are minimally reduced.

Remember that you should not only apply the cream on your face but also apply Eternal Secret neck and décolleté cream.

How to use Eternal Secret Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

Apply six drops of product with the tips of your fingers, distributing them on the face covering all areas prone to wrinkles such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck.

The smaller and less marked wrinkles do correct, but if you stop using it, they will return.

Price of Eternal Secret Cream

Its cost is $178.00 MXN, but on Mondays, you can find it with a 25% discount, so it would be $133.50 MXN, which is around $7.24 dollars.

Eternal Secret Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream 40+


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