Garnier Skin Active Mask. These masks help reduce signs of fatigue in minutes. If you have tired skin or if you want to pamper yourself, the best thing you can do is apply a mask to your face.

I highly recommend them if you haven’t slept well, as they pamper your skin, and with their hyaluronic acid, you will notice the change in your skin.

It instantly softens your skin and leaves it firmer.

How good are Garnier masks?

I tried the Anti Signs of Fatigue mask, although it doesn’t say if it contains Hyaluronic acid.

I used it on my face for 5 minutes, and when I removed it, the illumination and texture of my skin were significantly improved. My face remained radiant all day.

It’s perfect if you have long days of work or study because it’s what your skin needs to recover without showing the excess.

You can find other masks from the same line with other high-quality active ingredients such as Watermelon Extract, which is firming, the mask with Niacinamide for detox effect, and kale extract.

In comparison with the Chinese or Korean masks I’ve tried, these are the only ones that caused me breakouts, two in a single day, which I didn’t like.

Another thing I noticed is that the effect of smooth and shiny skin only lasted one day, so the next day I saw my skin return to its normal texture.

Something incredible was that it doesn’t contain dimethicones. I don’t know what the ingredient that clogs pores is, but I’ll investigate to avoid it in future products.

Garnier Skin Active Mask

What to do after removing a fabric face mask?

The Garnier brand says that the masks are Cruelty-Free. What I liked is that they don’t have that extra plastic that some masks have; it’s just the fabric very neatly folded.

How many times can you use a Garnier fabric mask?

It is recommended to use two masks per week to keep the skin soft and radiant.

If you liked them, here’s a super offer that you have to take advantage of before they run out. Three masks for $108.15 MXN, each one would cost you $36.00 pesos.

Since they’re up to $53.00 MXN in the supermarkets.

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