Hair Recovery Treatments. For many, it’s very common that after several chemical processes, the hair ends up dry, brittle, and rough. Hair after bleaching, straightening, or perming is often completely damaged.

No matter how many treatments we use to maintain or recover the hair, sometimes we fail to make it look healthy.

Today, I’m going to share two products that I believe have this ability to restore the hair as if it had no processes done to it.

Revive Fortifying Hair Treatment in ampoules: The box contains 10 ampoules of treatment ideal for thin, damaged, fragile, or brittle hair. It strengthens and nourishes from the roots, providing resistance to the hair.

Hair Recovery Treatments

Anven Cationic ampoule: It balances the pH of the hair, moisturizing deeply, restoring softness, shine, and elasticity to the hair. It contains D-panthenol, lanolin, and cationic polymers. The ampoule is not rinsed out.

Currently, there are several professional products that can achieve the same results as a hair recovery treatment.

My experience with hair recovery treatments:

You won’t find a product with this exact name, but you’ll find products with the ingredients to instantly recover the hair.

One Unique by Revlon is one of them, which does recover the hair from the first application.

Revive Cationic ampoules are another example, a hair treatment in ampoules with lanolin and D-panthenol, a recovery product that balances the hair’s natural pH, providing hydration, softness, and shine.

So far, these are the two products that I can assure you will restore the hair from the first application. I’ll continue to try more products to find the best ones that instantly repair processed hair.

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