Instant Treatment Nefertiti 300ml provides instant smoothness and shine to the hair without frizz. This treatment lasts all day, doesn’t need rinsing, and can be applied daily as it washes out with shampooing.

It’s a product that doesn’t weigh down the hair or leave any residue, nor does it make it greasy, making it suitable even for oily hair.

Apply it on damp hair, not wet, for best results. Avoid using it on dry hair as it won’t be manageable or absorbed.

It contains 300ml, which may seem like a small quantity, but it’s quite diluted or watery, so you’ll need relatively little if you have short or thin hair. However, if you have thick hair, it won’t last long.

If your hair is processed or heavily processed, curly, it won’t be useful. Even with a generous amount, it never feels soft or hydrated; it’s as if you didn’t apply anything to your hair.

This product disappointed me quite a bit. I bought it based on a recommendation, but I never bothered to use it because it seemed cheap to me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

I thought that since it’s marketed as a hair restorer, it would actually work, but it doesn’t. However, I didn’t give up, and I found gold elsewhere!

In my reviews, I have professional-grade products at the same cost that actually work. Honestly, this brand disappointed me. I’ve tried it several times with other products, and nothing appeals to me.

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