Professional Xiomara Fixing Gel Review. This gel is for professional use, and I’ve been using it for years. Here, I’ll tell you why it works for all hair types.

It’s paraben-free and has excellent hold; its consistency provides maximum fixation.

It doesn’t dry out the hair; if you have wavy or curly hair, it holds quite well while keeping the hair shiny.

Both adults and children can use it because it leaves no residue in the hair.

Professional Xiomara Fixing Gel Review.

Not drying is important for gel use in hair.

Non-professional Gel Brands

One of the disadvantages of a gel that is not professional and is also very cheap is its poor ingredients.

Dehydration due to the alcohol or perfume added to them, hair loss due to the hydrogen peroxide they contain, which has been shown to damage the hair even in small amounts, and it also bleaches and thins the hair.

It’s not a gel that provides all-day hold, especially for men seeking extreme hold. For women, I think it’s fine; it maintains the hairstyle but evaporates throughout the day, leaving very little product in the end, which I find ideal because it doesn’t leave that dry gel layer that looks so bad.

Even for children’s use, I find it to be the best, as it only lasts through their school day and the hold gradually diminishes throughout the rest of the day, so their hair doesn’t end up stiff.

But don’t worry, if you’re looking for a stronger hold, Xiomara has released its hair fixing presentation, which is the option for men seeking that hold without causing dandruff or damaging their hair.

Its price varies by presentation; I usually buy the largest bottle, which costs around $80.00 MXN.

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