Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Champú is a hair washing product that simultaneously applies color. It’s a pretty good product that helps maintain color.

It doesn’t contain any oxidizers, so it’s not a dye; it’s a shampoo with a touch of color to tone the hair, refresh existing color, or add color to faded hair.

How to apply the pink hair shampoo:

Apply it to dry or wet hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Obviously, the results vary depending on the degree of lightening you have. The color intensity depends on the duration of application; you can do tests on your hair to achieve the desired tone intensity.

It lasts approximately two weeks. Compared to color tubes, where the difference is quite noticeable, the Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Pink Shampoo doesn’t wash out as quickly.

Regarding the amount of product in the bottle, it can last up to a year until it’s completely used up.

About this Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Pink Shampoo, I can say it’s the most pigmented color toner on the market with a short application time.

Remember, I tried Nefertiti’s pink toner and it didn’t pigment the hair as much as this one. I left it on for quite some time, and I didn’t achieve as intense a color as with the Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Pink Shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Champú

It would be best to thoroughly cover the hair and with the help of someone, apply the shampoo to hard-to-reach areas.

It contains 300ml. It’s a line of colors ranging from yellow, purple, red, blue, and pink that you can use for toning.

Its price varies depending on where you buy it; you can find it for as low as $169.90 MXN, but usually not less than $399.00 MXN.

Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Pink Shampoo is an excellent quality toning shampoo with complete pigmentation that lasts a long time in the hair. This reminds me that you should know that if you’re looking for quality, you won’t find it in low-cost products. Sometimes it doesn’t seem better to invest a little in a product and not get the results we want, but that’s because we didn’t invest in an excellent quality product.

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