Superoxide Dismutase by Eternal Secret. In similar pharmacies, they sell as part of the Eternal Secret brand, a natural antioxidant known as superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is widely praised for its excellent benefits.

Skin aging is not something you can reverse, but with superoxide dismutase, you can prevent aging.

Since this product is considered the most powerful natural antioxidant that exists and is also produced by the body naturally.

It is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the pain of people with arthritis, as well as combating arteriosclerosis and other age-related problems.

Superóxido Dismutasa Eternal secret

Taken as a supplement, it is difficult for superoxide dismutase to be absorbed into the body, so taken orally, it is not effective.

Eternal Secret’s enzymatic antioxidant is said to be well absorbed into the skin, and its barrier provides intense protection.

For this reason, I consider Eternal Secret’s superoxide dismutase not to be a good dietary supplement since it is not effectively absorbed by the body, and I am not the only one saying this.

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Studies have shown that it is not absorbed into the body, similar to Collagen as a supplement, it is excreted within hours in the urine.

It is not a product that I recommend taking because you would only be wasting your money, despite the wonders that this supplement claims it can do.

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