Alkemist System Repair. The Nutrapel Alkemist System repair is formulated to repair the hair fiber during chemical processes.

It’s a multifunctional system that you can use with any brand of bleach.

Obviously, it’s better with Alkemist bleach, which doesn’t damage the hair as much and allows you to achieve lighter tones without harming your hair as much and quickly.

Additionally, you can use the Alkemist System repair if you’ve had a permanent straightening treatment and need to repair your hair.

The result of the Alkemist System is repaired hair fiber that looks visibly healthier compared to hair that doesn’t use the Nutrapel Alkemist system.

How to use:

The Bond Repairing Additive is step No. 1, which is formulated with powerful amino acids that repair the hair fiber during chemical processes. It contains 7 ml per sachet.

It improves the hair’s structure before the process and minimizes damage during the process.

Do not apply the sachet directly to the hair.

The Alkemist Cuticle Perfector contains 135 ml.

The formula contains multiple actives that help preserve the effects of Alkemist Keraplex.

It contains Buriti oil known for its antioxidant and emollient properties, which will restore the hair’s structure, rejuvenating it and giving it shine and softness.

If used properly, it can be a miracle product for the bleaching process.

Alkemist System Instructions:

Once the bleaching powder mixture is made, add the contents of 1 sachet of Alkemist Keraplex for every 30 grams of bleaching powder.

Apply the mixture according to the technique you use, and once the recommended processing time by the manufacturer is completed, rinse with plenty of water.

With this bleaching system, which includes a protection kit during the bleaching process formulated with the highest quality ingredients and doesn’t have a bad smell like other products I’ve tried, your hair will truly be bleached without damage unlike with other brands.

I always tell people to buy quality like this professional-grade brand. If you can’t apply it yourself, take it to your stylist and tell them to use this system on your hair instead of their cheap products.

Alkemist System Repair

Alkemist Cuticle Perfector What is it for?

Remove excess water and leave the hair slightly damp to apply the necessary amount of Alkemist Cuticle Perfector, depending on the length of your hair.

Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Alkemist System Price

The price varies depending on where you buy it. I recommend a beauty products store where you’re sure to find an excellent price.

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