Revive Dual Treatment Conditioner by Anven contains 265 ml. Anven’s dual-phase treatment is one of the products in the REVIVE line. If you already know or have tried it, you’ll know that this line is full of conditioning products that act on the outer layers of the hair, making styling and detangling easier.

If you subject your hair to constant processes or if it’s dry or frizzy, this will be your ally to improve your hair immediately.

Anven’s Revive dual-phase conditioner contains 265 ml. The treatment includes proteins and conditioners that penetrate the hair, restoring moisture.

It’s not necessary to rinse it out; you can apply it daily or every two or three weeks depending on your hair’s needs.

I recommend it for dry hair even if it hasn’t undergone any chemical processes, as a preventive treatment that also protects from the high temperatures of heat styling tools.

Revive Dual Treatment Conditioner by Anven – Review

Like all dual-phase products, it should be shaken well before use and applied to damp hair, not wet. For dry, frizzy hair with chemical processes where the hair isn’t severely damaged, dual-phase treatments are ideal.

In my case, with extremely processed hair, dual-phase treatments help detangle my hair, making it appear less dry and feel softer.

Despite all these benefits, a dual treatment cannot make severely processed hair look healthy if it’s too damaged.

Revive Dual Treatment Conditioner by Anven

Still, it works well for me to keep my hair manageable and soft but not to make it look healthier or shinier due to so much bleaching. For this type of heavily processed hair, another treatment is necessary.

Still, it’s one of my favorite dual-phase treatments that isn’t too expensive. The price will depend on where you buy it. It’s approximately around 120.00 MXN.

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