Anven Thermal Protector Repair 2 in 1. Heat protective treatment with instant repairing effect that forms a protective film on the hair.

It regulates moisture, provides resistance, hydrates, softens, and adds shine. Sealing split ends. Antioxidant effect.

Its formula contains vitamin E, sweet almond extract, silk protein, D-panthenol, and wheat protein.

Reserved for professionals, it only needs to be shaken, applied on dry hair, and then straightened or curled.

Protector with instant repairing effect.

Smoothness and extra shine.

With vitamin E.

Its cost varies depending on where you buy it, but it’s approximately around $130 MXN. Forming a protective film on the hair.

How to use the thermal protector on hair?

Apply it all over the hair, at a distance of 20-30 centimeters.

Anven Thermal Protector Repair 2 in 1
Anven Thermal Protector Repair 2 in 1

Apply it on damp or dry hair, and then you can use a heat tool.

What is the best technique?

Like encapsulating the hair.

Apply it on damp hair, shake before use, and spray from mid-lengths to ends. With the blow dryer, start drying from top to bottom in regular sections of hair.

Then, straighten your hair to encapsulate.

As you know, I’m loyal to professional beauty products like this one, which I find perfect for the hair and achieving a flawless effect.

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