T.Taio Whitening Soap and Sponge. I tried the T.Taio Whitening Soap and Sponge, I was eager to try this soap that claimed to naturally lighten the skin, help with keratosis pilaris, and is even recommended for intimate areas.

It’s quite inexpensive and can be found anywhere. As always, I’m very alarmed by the misinformation from influencers recommending products that aren’t safe for the skin.

T.Taio Whitening Soap and Sponge Review

I must say, when I first used it, the texture felt a bit rough on the skin, but once you wet it, it hydrates and softens a bit. Essentially, it’s a soap-covered sponge.

I liked the sensation in the first few days because it’s quite gentle, and I also liked the scent because it’s barely noticeable.

The exfoliating effect they claim to provide is due to the hardness of the soap on the sponge, so you may feel it that way, but only while the sponge has soap on it.

The idea of the soap sponge seems very interesting to me; if the soap were formulated under dermatological supervision, it would be wonderful just as a cleanser because as we know, there aren’t many inexpensive whitening products.

T.Taio Whitening Soap and Sponge

Honestly, I didn’t notice any change in my skin; it didn’t seem clearer to me, and I consider that when you use it for the first few times, it’s very hard and can damage the skin.

Like most women, I have keratosis pilaris, which is the known as chicken skin, small bumps on the arms that look like tiny red pimples.

With the soap sponge, I didn’t see any change in my skin; the keratosis remained the same.

As for the whitening claim, it didn’t lighten my skin or improve my keratosis in my case. I’m not sure if it worked for other girls, but it didn’t for me.

I used it until the soap on the sponge ran out, so I consider that I didn’t have any results as mentioned.

Something worth mentioning is that dermatologically, the soap sponge is very acidic for the skin; it doesn’t have a good pH.

I’ll leave you with the pH test photos, so for me, I wouldn’t buy it again.

In the end, once the soap is removed from the sponge, it becomes very soft and squishy.

This is my experience with the soap, but I’d like to know what you thought of it?

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