Keractive Pure with biomimetic keratin. It’s an emergency S.O.S serum that intensively repairs weak hair by replenishing the lost keratin.

It’s an immediate and progressive hair repair treatment that restores damaged hair with biomimetic keratin technology.

It rebuilds the hair fiber from the inside, improving the hair’s structure and reducing porosity.

It provides immediate shine and silkiness to the hair, and it’s a treatment that consists of two steps or phases for its perfect action on the hair.

Keractive Pure Biomimetic Keratin

Phase 1 or Step 1: It’s the biomimetic keratin concentrate, without rinsing, that immediately repairs the hair by enhancing its structure.

Keractive Pure S.O.S Emergency Serum

Phase 2 or Step 2: It’s a keratin concentrate with thermal bio-cauterization spheres. Also, it’s without rinsing, and what I like most about phase 2 is the results it brings to the hair. These are small ampoules of concentrate with a long list of results.





Protection against breakage.

Provides softness and shine

Prevents frizz without being heavy.

How to apply Keractive Pure?

Both the ampoules and the treatment are applied to damp hair with a gentle massage.

You can use heat tools without fear. This will help with thermal cauterization.

Keractive pure con keratina biomimética

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How to use Keractive Protect?

Both phases can be incorporated in a single application, on damp hair. At the end, you can add some silica for hair manageability.

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Keractive Pure Price

The price may vary depending on the store. I recommend buying from local beauty stores, where you can find the treatments at cheaper prices.

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