The sheglam matte allure lipstick is a quality product, despite being economical, the color leaves a finish with great pigmentation, the durability is not good so you will have to retouch during the day.

sheglam lipstick

Its shades are intense and very noticeable. Its texture is creamy and its presentation does not ask anything to the most expensive lipsticks.
sheglam hydrating lipstick moisturizes while giving you intense color for 4 hours. It has many shades so I recommend you buy several and try its excellent pigmentation. I haven’t been able to choose just one yet. sheglam matte lipstick.

sheglam lipstick
sheglam lipstick

this lipstick manages to provide a luminous effect and a touch of softness to your lips, leaving them irresistible.

Its strongest feature is its incredible value for money. Despite its affordable cost, it does not compromise on performance excellence. Its creamy texture glides smoothly over the lips, giving them intense, long-lasting coverage. While it may not stay flawless all day long, its charm lies in the ease with which it can be touched up.

This lipstick is a perfect solution for those looking for a natural, fresh look, as its vibrant shades enhance the lips without being overdone. In addition, its formula, enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, ensures that your lips stay nourished and protected throughout wear.

sheglam lipstick price

its price is 99 mexican pesos but remember that there are constantly promotions for sheglam cosmetics.

this is my review about the sheglam lipstick, leave me your comments, they are very important and don’t forget to follow me on my social networks.

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