sheglam primer review. Primer is a cosmetic product used to prepare the skin before applying makeup. Its main function is to create an even and smooth base so that the makeup is applied more easily and has a better adherence.

Smoothing the skin

Helping makeup last longer

Control shine

Correct color

Moisturize the skin

sheglam primer review
sheglam primer review

It is gel based, it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it soft and velvety smooth, it does help makeup spread, it does help skin look hydrated.

I like that it is unscented, its scent is so subtle rose-like that it is almost unnoticeable. My skin is oily and I didn’t feel that it affected the finish during the day.

The pores were minimized, leaving the skin soft and hydrated, you can tell it has good quality.

The presentation of the packaging is super cute like all sheglam products.

I will definitely keep using it because I like it a lot. it is highly recommended and the best thing is that shein sheglam has promotions where you can find the products at a very good price. sheglam primer review

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